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The project includes comprehensive riverbank protection at Dibrugarh, Kaziranga,

Palasbari-Gumi. Beside the project includes up gradation and  construction of

embankment at Dibrugarh, Kaziranga and Palasbari. The project incorporates some

new technology of international standard such as use of sand filled Geo-textile bags

at apron of the riverbank revetment.


DibrugaRh Sub-Project



Securing the Dibrugarh Town and Preventing the flood and Community based support program for flood.


Area-32418 ha,
Component Focus-Dibrugarh Town.
Embankment renovation- 8.53 km.
Riverbank Protection and Pro-siltation
Mothola-Oakland bank protection-2.4 km
Pro-siltation using porcupine screen for reach length of 8374m.

Palasbari - Gumi




Securing the productive agriculture area from Brahmaputra floods and preventing river avulsion and sudden flood water intrision into Kaziranga.


Area-62152 ha
Component Focus- Productive
                         Agriculture land
Embankment Renovation- 5.02 km
River Bank Protection-


                Gumi - 4.5km





Securing the suburban and productive agriculture area of Palashbari-Gumi from Brahmaputra floods and preventing major river erosion and avulsion


Area-7300 ha,
Population (hh) -14000,
Component Focus: KNP avulsion protection, Land,
Embankment Renovation-4.7 km
Riverbank Protection-3.1 km
Sluice gate-5 no



Dibrugrah -

Embankment renovation (9.5Km) and Provision for 4.7 Km of riverbank protection .


Palasbari - Gumi

Embankment construction along existing rural road and Provision for 5 sluice gates to improve local drainage and provsion of aystematic riverbank protection.



Renovation including retirement of embankment (5.2Km) with systematic provsion of new riverbank protection (9.4 Km).

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Dibrugarh Sub-Project






(as on 31st Mar 2016)


Dibrugarh - 90%

Palasbari-Gumi - 81%

Kaziranga -work not due

Financial Overall - 89%

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