Flood and River Erosion Management Agency of Assam




Non- Structural


FREMAA is anchored to Water Resource Department, Assam State Disaster Management Authority and other line departments to operationalise the implementation arrangements of the program. Besides partnering with other government departments, FREMAA has engaged consulting firms for strengthening project management system, institutional set-up and benefit monitoring.



Community Based Flood Risk Management and Livelihood(CBRFML)

The CBFRM-L, aims to support and improve the ability of flood affected communities at risk to define their local flood risk and effective coping mechanism in most participatory planning process and identify the implementation of the local flood risk management measures. It is envisaged with an objective to strengthen social cohesion and cooperation on flood risk and disaster management within the communities living in the targeted villages. It is designed to build confidence among individuals, households, communities for undertaking flood risk management including preparedness and mitigation in their villages.

Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR)

The Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) is an untied grant facility established by the Japanese Government and ADB in May 2000. From an initial contribution of $90 million, the Fund now stands at well over $445 million, of which $335 million has been committed. JFPR assists ADB clients to provide direct relief to the poorest and most vulnerable segments of society while building up their capacities for self-help and income generation.

Website: http://www.adb.org/jfpr/

Rehibitation and Resettlement


Families whose land are acquired for the sub-project are compensated as per L.A. Act 1894, ADB policy on Involuntary Resettlement National R & R policy 2007 and other principal derived from ADB safeguard principals.

Needs & Coverage


Needs - Reducing communities' vulnerabilities and strengthen their ability to proactively cope with floods; and linkages between communities and local governments, and make governments
Coverage - All three sites.


Improve incomes of vulnerable victims of river erosion in the subproject areas

Coverage - All three sites.

Vill - 29 vill,

Beneficiaries - 2000


Our Sites

Dibrugrah Sub-Project




CBRFML Progress(Status)


1. Village Disaster Management Plans (DMP) has been prepare.
2. Trainings imparted to people  in all the 32 villages.
3. Mock Drill for rescue, relief during flood awareness held in Dibrugrah and Palasbari.

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