Flood and River Erosion Management Agency of Assam


Flood and River Erosion Management Agency of Assam


The Brahmaputra Basin in Assam consists of large tracts of land which are affected by high flood and river bank erosion posing major threat to life, crop and development.

The water Resources Department, (WRD), Govt. of Assam has been addressing various mitigation measures to reduce the impact of flood and riverbank erosion on the habitation in these areas. Due tolimited availability of financial resources, WRD has been constrained to restrict its interventions to short term measures only in areas which need immediate attention.

In order to mitigate the situation, Government of India had requested the Asian Development bank (ADB) to finance long term mitigation measures based on international experience and practices, to be implemented in a phased manner. Accordingly, discussions were held with ADB by the Government of Assam. This has crystallized in a programme called “Assam Integrated Flood and Riverbank Erosion Risk Management Investment Program (AIFRERMIP).”

Under AIFRERMP, urban, suburban, and productive rural and other strategic sites have been prioritized for protection by improving key Flood and Riverbank Erosion Management (FREM) infrastructure such as embankments, riverbank protection and flood management structures and by introducing a range of non-structural protective measures to be extended to the local communities


FREMA Structure

An Apex Advisory Body chaired by the Hon'ble Chief Minister SGOA.


A Governing Body (GB) chaired by Chief Secretary of SGOA


An Executive Body (EB) chaired by the Additional Chief Secretary (Water Resources Department)


FREMAA headed by a Chief Executive Officer(CEO) supported by a Project Management Unit ( PMU)

Main Agenda

Organise necessary resources and provide a multidisciplinary working environment for successful implementation of IFRERM in Assam;

Conduct comprehensive project activities with effective management of institutional, structural, and non-structural components including community participation, and

Coordinate activities among the concerned departments/agents including SGOA, field offices, local governments, and communitie

Program Strategy

The project is developed for ADB financing is different than normal state government schemes of flood control. In addition to infrastructure development, this programme also includes the following significant components:

  1. IFRERM priority investment planning and Data and knowledge base development;
  2. Institutional development for IFRERM with effective integration with SGOA’s disaster risk management system (DRMS)
  3. Operationalizing participatory processes at all stages of implementation; and
  4. Community based disaster management setup at local levels.




Registered under the under Indian Society Registration Act 1860


FREMAA is anchored to the Water Resource Department (WRD) and in association with Revenue and Disaster Management Department of the State.

The agnecy established as a special purpose vehicle for implementation of the Assam Integrated River Erosion Risk Management Investment Program (AIFRERMIP)

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