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The Flood and River Erosion Management Agency of Assam (FREMAA) was set up in 2010-11 as an Executing Agency (EA) under Society Registration Act 1860. It is a special purpose vehicle established for implementation of the Assam Integrated Flood and Riverbank Erosion Risk Management Investment Program (AIFRERMIP) funded by ADB with provision of comprehensive, cost-effective and sustainable structural and non-structural measures in the 3 (three) selected strategic locations :-


    1. Palasbari -Gumi

    2. Kaziranga

    3. Dibrugarh



The primary aim of FREMAA is to manage the implementation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded project with provision of comprehensive, cost-effective and sustainable structural and non-structural measures in the selected strategic locationsna.



Facilitate sustainable interdepartmental cooperation, coordination and communication to integrate structural and non structural measures relevant to IFRERM projects,
Implementation and maintenance, operation and management of such infrastructu res.
Provide an effective IFRERM funding conduit for the SGOA


Implementation of the first phase - Project-1(Tranche -I)



Tranche I implementation in 3 (three) subproject areas i.e Dibrugrah, Kaziranga and Palasbari-Gumi with -

(i). Structural measure (bank protection revetments, rehabilitated dyke, porcupine screens and sluices) and

(ii). Related non-structural measures (community bassed awareness, enhanced preparedness levels, relocations and land acquisition).

However, works in Kaziranga sub project has been shiffted to Tranche -II due to non receipt of environmental clearance from Ministry of Environment and Forest, GOI during Tranch I.



FREMAA has taken up three projects at Palasbari, Gumi & Kaziranga. The cost   of these three projects is 150 million dollar. Out of which loan amount from ADB is 120 million dollar and 30 million dollar will come from the Govt.

The execution of these three projects are divided in two tranches i.e. Tranche-I and Tranche-II



Total Project Cost - $ 60.62 million
ADB Loan - $ 48.50 million
Govt Share - $ 12.12 million


Total Project Cost - $ 89.38 million
ADB Loan - $ 71.50 million
Govt Share - $ 17.88million

Key Outputs

Development of Flood and Erosion Management infrastructure based on latest technologies established international best practices and experiences on flood control and mitigation systems-infrastructure. Implementation of comprehensive flood and riverbank erosion risk management (FRERM) programs that integrate the functions of WRD, disaster management agencies, other relevant government departments & community stakeholders.
Establishment of a participatory mechanism to strengthen local disaster  management committees to which the program delivery agencies will be held accountable. 
The progressive development and implementation of policy and institutional measures to support the introduction of integrated FRERM including a comprehensive planning framework for sound catchment management with a basin wide perspective.

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